60 mins
Fri 28 Jul 1:30 PM
Track 8, Carriageworks

General Admission

We are living in the age of personalisation, where streaming services and other content hubs are tracking "tastes" and serving customers similar content, all in the name of retaining audiences in a competitive, saturated market. But… Is this the best approach, both from an audience and business perspective? As a national broadcaster do we have a responsibility to try and combat this echo chamber effect?

This discussion will centre around the normalisation of personalisation, it’s implications for content makers, marketers, UX designers and the powerful way that entertainment can shape and inform our broader culture. We will also touch on how SBS On Demand, in particular, is looking to shake things up in this space, to help ensure people don’t get trapped in an echo chamber.

Our Panellists:
Abigail Thomas (General Manager, SBS On Demand)
John Beohm (Channel Manager, SBS Viceland)
Bridget Ryan (Program Assessment Manager, SBS)

Moderated by Dan Barrett (Online Producer, SBS)

Track 8, Carriageworks

245 Wilson St
Eveleigh, NSW, 2015