89 mins
Sat 29 Jul 8:30 PM
Bay 20, Carriageworks

General Admission

It's every cat lovers dream with our FREE screenings of Kedi.

In Istanbul, the cat is more than just a cat. It embodies the indescribable energy, culture, and uniqueness that is the essence of the city. Cats have become an essential part of the fabric of Istanbul. They are the mirrors to the people, allowing them to reflect on their lives in ways nothing else could. 

The seven distinct feline personalities featured in the film are: Sari ("The Hustler"), Duman ("The Gentleman"), Bengü ("The Lover"), Aslan Parçasi ("The Hunter"), Gamsiz ("The Player"), Psikopat ("The Psycho"), and Deniz ("The Social Butterfly"). 

The cinematic visuals in KEDI take you on a "cat's eye" journey through the winding streets of Istanbul, and invite you to experience the communal approach of the residents who care for the cats while allowing them to retain their independence.

BTW - Did we mention we've got a Kedi Themed Cat Cafe

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